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There are a wide variety of stains. There are also many different situations that caused each stain to be implanted on your carpet. Usually when you walk into a nice looking home and you spot a stain on the carpet, your eyes fixate on the problem area. You are probably thinking how unfortunate it is that the beautiful carpet has been compromised. Pet owners aren’t usually too thrilled to find out that their pet urinated on their carpets. The Woodlands Carpet Steam Cleaners are the ones for the job! We have all of the needed tools and equipment to successfully extract any smells and stains from your carpets.

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Wine Stain Removal - Professional Carpet Cleaners The Woodlands TX

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Another popular request that we have is wine stain removal. Maybe you and your significant other haven’t had the time to see each other in the past week due to different work schedules. You finally have a relaxing night together so you pull out the wine. You get so caught up in the Bob Marley playing in the background, feeling mellow when you see the glass top over. Everything seems to move in slow motion. You dive to catch the glass, but the wine is already splattered on the floor. Red wine is known to be hard to remove but our technicians have all of the needed tools and knowledge for effective wine stain removal. Deep cleaning carpets have never been easier. Call our friendly telephone operators today.

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