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Things like pet stains and odors, wine stains, and food stains are no match for our couch stain removal cleaning techniques. When was the last time that your favorite piece of furniture undergone upholstery steam cleaning? Your upholstery probably hasn’t been cleaned since you first purchased them. Used furniture comes with smells and stains, but usually they are welcomed gratefully if there was no furniture previously present. Instead of throwing out your furniture, which may be hard to depart with because of sentimental values, enlist the help of our professional sofa cleaning services.

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Steam upholstery cleaning has never been made easier. Our skilled technicians have many years if hands on experience handling our powerful truck mounted steam cleaners. Our sofa cleaning services includes the hard to reach places on your upholstery. We believe in a green clean. Our solutions are made with natural and organic ingredients and are 98 percent biodegradable. This means that we have eco-friendly cleaning agents. Cleaning agents found on the store shelves are usually emit harsh and harmful fumes that can be dangerous for small children and pets to be exposed to. We provide quality furniture upholstery cleaning at moderate prices so why wait? Give our telephone operators a call.

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